Tailored Training Packages

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Organisations engaging with the DTA  Training Needs Assessment Service will often identify more than one need. When this occurs DTA will work with the organisation to put together a package of relevant services and resources.

This customized combination of recommended courses, services and resources is called a Tailored Training Package (TTP).

A  Tailored Training Package will always include:

  • an audit of the environment
  • an assessment of dementia skills and knowledge

In developing TTPs, DTA can also make recommendations for courses and resource via third party suppliers – this will be particularly useful for accessing highly specialised topics or expertise.

TTPs are intended to be particularly useful to organisations wishing to bring about real systematic change, i.e. in a number of facilities or units within an aged care provider. Some TTPs will involve prolonged contact with DTA trainers as the package  is delivered at appropriate stages and times. The DTA also has a limited number of Fellowships available to support and mentor the activities of ‘Champion’ to lead the introduction of new practices from within an organisation.

Under some circumstances the development and delivery of a TTP will involve a partial cost-recovery fee.

Tailored to fit

Read our ‘Tailored to fit’ article in the Australian Journal of Dementia Care.

Learning Outcomes

While Tailored Training Packages may cover the full spectrum of learning objectives and knowledge translation outcomes, the focus is on "Doing"

Professional Value

Components of Tailored Training Packages will retain prescribed values for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and nationally recognised completions. Individual certifications of attainment or attendance will be issued to participating staff.

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