Environmental Design Resources – Introduction

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This handbook introduced the full suite of resources for the DTA Designing for People with Dementia Service.

It provides an overview of the collection of resources is to support those who wish to improve environments for people with dementia. The resources introduce the reader to a systematic way of looking at the built environment and provide a number of tools that guide the user to an understanding of what needs to be changed, and how the change might be accomplished.

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This resource is number 1 in a suite of 6

Resource 1: Introduction. Using The Built Environment To Create Comprehensible Manageable and Meaningful Environments

Resource 2: Applying the Key Design Principles in Environments for People with Dementia

Resource 3: Environmental Assessment Tool HANDBOOK

Resource 4: Environmental Assessment Tool  – High Care (EAT-HC) HANDBOOK

Resource 5: Dementia Friendly Community – Environmental Assessment Tool (DFC-EAT) HANDBOOK

Resource 6: Indigenous Aged Care Design Guide

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Kirsty Bennett & Richard Fleming

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