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Category: Environment and Community

Monday To Friday

Composer and PhD student at the University of Sydney, Cyrus Meurant (pictured), has collaborated with Brisbane-based aged care provider Beaumont Care to compose 20 classical music tracks specifically for people with dementia, for different times of the day to stimulate, soothe, relax and enhance mood.

The Virtual Forest

After almost three years of development and testing, The Virtual Forest™, a screen-projected game for people living with dementia, is now available for purchase and use in aged care homes, hospitals and health care centres.

Supporting And Accommodating People With Dementia At Professional Conferences And Other Events

This guide offers practical advice and recommendations, as well as links to other resources, to help organisers ensure people with dementia are included on an equal basis to all other conference speakers or delegates.

Dementia Friendly Communities

Dementia Friendly Communities showcases examples of dementia-friendly initiatives around the world

The Dementia-Friendly Home App

A tablet app that recommends practical changes carers can make in the home to assist the person living with dementia. It is based on the 10 Dementia Enabling Environment Principles developed by Professor Richard Fleming and Kirsty Bennett at the University of Wollongong

Design For An Ageing Population

A compilation of knowledge from architects, other built environment professionals and researchers about design for older people, including people with dementia.

Key Principles For Improving Healthcare Environments For People With Dementia

The publication describes the 10 key principles that define an appropriate physical environment for people with dementia in hospital and the use of audit tools to help identify areas for improvement.

Becoming A Dementia-Friendly Arts Venue: A Practical Guide

A guide to help arts and cultural organisations make venues more dementia-friendly

Care And Connect: Dementia Friendly Places

AJDC snippet about a free app to help people with dementia and their carers locate and rate dementia- friendly places around the world.