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Category: Education and Training

Sexuality And People In Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Guide For Partners And Families

This guide begins with the acknowledgment that sexuality can still be important to people living in an aged facility even though they may be “old and in need of care; disabled; have health problems; or have dementia”.

Improving Dementia Education And Awareness (IDEA)

A website resource from The University of Nottingham. Suitable for care workers, health professionals and family carers, it links to a range of audiovisual and text material, and includes free online courses, the Dementia Day-to-Day blog where authors talk about their experience of dementia, resources and a selection of dementia news from around the world.

Caring for Cognitive Impairment Campaign

The Caring for Cognitive Impairment Campaign website has resources, strategies and tools to help health care services develop a strategic approach for improving care to patients with cognitive impairment.


The CAUSEd problem-solving tool assists carers to understand and respond when people with dementia are communicating their unmet needs through their behaviour.

Updating the NSQHS Standards

An updated version of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards will have significance for people with cognitive impairment receiving care.

The Dementia Guide

A free handbook and online guide released at the end of 2016 by Dementia Australia Vic, offering information and support options for anyone impacted by dementia.

KT workshops support shift from ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’ in dementia care

KT in dementia care is the science and art of making what we do match what we know…

Partnership In Practicing Care: Quality Dental Care For People With Dementia

An online video series to educate dentists and their teams on best practice care for people with dementia.

Dementia care resources for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD).

A compilation of web based CALD resources which may assist in the delivery of culturally appropriate care to older people.